1. How often should I use Franz mask?

1~2 times a week should be enough, but if you'd like to get the best result, we strongly recommend to use 3 times a week. Especially you think your skin type is dry, you can use it 3~4 times a week for the first couple of months. When your skin feels improved, you can decrease the usage.


  1. What are the benefits of permeating the hyaluronic acid into the skin?

The dermis is where the skin health is determined. There are fibroblasts within the dermis. Fibroblasts are cells that produce collagen and elastin fibers, and they gather to form connective tissues. The space between the collagen and elastin fibers is filled with hyaluronic acid (HA). The lack of hyaluronic acid creates more empty space, which leads to the decrease in elasticity and moisture. Hyaluronic acid is a material produced by our body itself, and is known to usually hold more moisture than 1,000 times its weight. Half of the hyaluronic acid in our body exists within the skin, and the largest amount is contained in the derma. Thanks to the work of hyaluronic acid, we can maintain moisture as well as elastic skin. Therefore, injecting hyaluronic acid into the derma helps maintain elastic skin by filling it up with moisture.


  1. Can it be used on acne-prone skin?

Hyaluronic acid, the main ingredient of our enriching mask, not only can help maintain elastic skin by filling it up with moisture, but also has anti-inflammatory effects. We got many reviews from our customers who used it on acne-prone skin and experienced an improvement. The effects might not be instantly visible after a couple of use. But with continuous usage, you will be satisfied with the results! However, please keep in mind that it might depend on the personal condition of the skin or allergies.


  1. Is it also effective for flushed skin?

There are different causes of flushed skin. The symptoms of a hot flush could worsen with time, so we recommend finding the cause and solving it as soon as possible. A stretched capillary vessel will not shrink easily, so it can only be cured through clinical treatment. A latent flush, on the other hand, can be rapidly improved with skin barrier strengthened and dry skin moisturized. The drier the skin, the more the blood vessels in the skin will expand, leading to flushes. It will also expand more easily even with minimal irritation, and will take a long time to shrink back, requiring continuous care through plenty of moisturization. Franz pack injects hyaluronic acid, a biomaterial, deep into the derma, helping cure flushed skin by fundamentally improving the inner layer of the skin.


5. Can it be used on very dry skin?

Franz mask is perfect for very dry skin. The main effect of Franz mask is moisturization. It replenishes the skin with moisture for you to maintain a healthier skin.


  1. Does it cause irritation on complex skin?

It is very hard to determine the allergic reaction for all of the different kinds of skin. Some ingredients might not work, or all of a sudden, your immune system might weaken and your daily cosmetics could cause trouble. It is hard to tell if it will work or not depending on the skin type, and please be advised that it might cause trouble depending on personal allergic reactions, but since the main ingredient, hyaluronic acid, is a biomaterial originally from our body, there will not be too great of an allergic reaction.


  1. Is it better to use it at night? Or in the morning before make-up?

You can decide when to use it depending on your personal life cycle. If it’s too much trouble to use it in the busy morning, then you can use it at night; if you have an important day ahead, you might want to use it before make-up. One thing is certain—your make-up will last much longer if you use it in the morning!


  1. I have an oily T-zone and dry/complex elsewhere.

Complex skin is the most common skin type for many people. The first thing you will feel in the morning after using Franz pack at night is that the stickiness on your nose and forehead will be gone, and that your cheeks will feel moist, not dry. This means that the oil-water balance is achieved and your skin environment enhanced. With continuous usage, you will feel the moisture fill up in your skin, and the excessive oiliness on your T-zone will decrease.


  1. My skin is dry on the inside but greasy on the outside.

This is a common skin type in many people. Our skin temporarily releases more oil to protect the skin if the skin feels dry. On top of that, the outer layer of the skin will contain more oil because of the over-supply of cosmetics. But that doesn’t fill the derma with moisture, and as we age on, skin elasticity decreases as the biomaterial within the skin—hyaluronic acid—decreases. With Franz mask, the inner layer will be filled with moisture, enabling good oil-water balance. Therefore, we highly recommend using it if your skin feels dry on the inside but oily on the outside.


  1. Is it better to keep Franz mask in the fridge or at room temperature?

In the fridge or at room temperature—either way is fine. When leaving it at room temperature, please avoid direct sunlight. If you have flushed skin or had dermatological treatment recently, store the Enriching mask in the fridge before usage for a calming effect.


  1. My skin’s sensitive, and reacts to change in cosmetic products.

If you’re experiencing trouble after changing cosmetic products, that means a certain ingredient or ingredients cause allergic reaction on your skin, and will differ from person to person. Sometimes, a regularly used cosmetic product might cause trouble all of a sudden. Nobody knows when a potential allergy might start a reaction.


  1. I had a filler shot, can I still use it?

Yes, you can. If you have no problem using regular cosmetic products, then you will have no trouble using our mask.


  1. I have pins in my face due to surgery. Can I still use it?

Yes, it’s fine. The pins will be in the bones, but our product will only affect until the only down to the derma, and the current will not even reach it. The strength of the current might depend on the person, but since it’s really weak, you will barely feel it.


  1. Can I use it if I have implants?

There is no problem whatsoever using it with implants.


  1. Is it good for oily skin? I’m afraid of excessive nutrition.

If you have a lot of sebum due to the hormones (i.e. acne skin), you just need to wait till you get older enough for the hormones to decrease and for the acnes to stop. Clinical treatment is only temporary, and you will get it back when you stop taking medicine or treatment. But in the case of temporarily excessive sebum due to dryness, it can be improved with moisturization.


  1. In which order should I use it?

After washing your face, apply toner, use the mask, and then apply moisturizers. 


  1. Can I still use it on atopic skin?

It is also good for atopic skin. Since atopic skin involves dry skin, moisturization is crucial. Franz mask fills your skin with moisture all the way to the derma, so it will be beneficial with continuous use. Also, the main ingredient of Franz mask, hyaluronic acid, fills up the skin with moisture for better elasticity, but it also has anti-inflammatory effects. We’ve had many reviews from users who found it calming for atopic skin. It might not show instantaneously after using it once or twice, but if you continue to use it for a while, you will be satisfied with the results. However, please keep in mind that it might depend on the personal condition of the skin or allergies.


  1. Can I use it after laser treatment?

If you use it on the day of, then it might sting a little. If you use it for after-care after a day or so, you will experience fast and effective skin regeneration. You can keep it in the fridge for a better calming effect.


  1. Would it work better if I use other ampule or serum before the mask?

If you already have some other ampule or serum, you can go ahead and use it; however, there’s no guarantee that those ingredients will always be fully absorbed. The essence ingredients of our ampule, serum, and enriching masks are optimized to be absorbed into the derma through the micro current of the Empowering mask, but we cannot answer for other products.


  1. Can I apply the Empowering mask on the top of other brand's sheet masks?

There is no guarantee that the essence ingredients of that other masks will always be fully absorbed into the derma. The essence ingredients of our ampule, serum, and Enriching mask use formula developed after a long period of research so that they reach the derma through the micro current of the Empowering mask, but we cannot be sure about other products. Maybe they will, maybe won't


  1. Can I use it after exfoliation?

After exfoliation, your dermis becomes thinner, enabling active ingredients to easily penetrate through the derma; however, excessive exfoliation can be the cause of sensitive skin since it weakens the skin barrier. Generally, the cleanser that you use every day will remove enough dead skin cells, so deep cleansing is not really recommended. It should only be used when you need deep cleansing. If your face looks dark and dead skin cells don’t get removed easily but cling onto your skin, you might need deep cleansing.


  1. What is good about applying stem cells before the mask?

In the stem cell cultivated ampule, there are ingredients that induce collagen production once in the derma. Therefore, it will help regenerate the skin if it is applied before putting on the mask pack. This is a product that is being used in actual dermatological clinics, and many customers are satisfied with the results. 

When the stem cell is used with the mask after applying the home care laser device, we have seen instances of the duration for skin regeneration (downtime) being reduced to half compared to when they weren’t used.


  1. My skin got thinner after many dermatological treatments. Can I still use it?

Having thinner skin means your skin barrier got weaker. Excessive exfoliation could be the cause for this. One of the main ingredients of our mask is Ceramide, which takes up over 50% of the lipid components (ie. protective layer of the skin) comprising the dermis, and is known to be the most crucial ingredient. The generation of this Ceramide falters rapidly with the progression of aging. If Ceramide decreases, your skin becomes dry, making lines to form. This can be altered by using products that contain Ceramide or nutritional supplements. However, while other cosmetic products only make it stick to the outer layer of the skin, our mask pack injects Ceramide deep within the skin, fortifying your skin barrier.


  1. I have adult acne. Would it be good for me?

One of the main ingredients of Franz mask, hyaluronic acid, has anti-inflammatory effects, which help treat acne. If you store no. 1 mask sheet in the fridge before using, it will also have a calming effect.


  1. What is the greatest benefit of this mask?

The greatest benefit of Franz mask is moisturization. The major ingredient hyaluronic acid is the most commonly used ingredient in a moisturizer, and is also used in various cosmetic products since it attracts and contains water, and shields to protect the skin. Moreover, it is a biomaterial originally contained in our body, so the chance of it causing an allergic reaction is very low. It is known to draw moisture up to 1,000 times its weight. It also prevents the decomposition of collagen, and therefore is efficient for maintaining elasticity as well.


  1. Is it also effective for spots, freckles, blemishes, and tiny bumps?

It may not be sufficient enough for just cosmetic products to improve spots or freckles. Those spots or freckles might look less visible temporarily thanks to brightening of the complexion, but fundamentally they are not likely to be improved unless treated with laser or peeling at a clinic. However, tiny bumps (ie. whiteheads) are formed under the corneum by a temporarily excessive secretion of sebum and oily skin care products escaping the pores when dry and forming under the corneum, and therefore can be improved with proper dead skin cell removal and moisture supplement. Unlike other products that allow moisture ingredients to stick only to the outer skin layer, Franz mask allows the penetration of active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid all the way to the derma, enhancing the overall skin environment and enabling a good balance between water and oil. That’s why many users report that their whiteheads decreased and they can maintain a watery(moist) skin even in the fall and winter.


  1. It feels dry after the mask. Everyone else says it feels moist, so is it not working for me?

There are a small number of people who are allergic to hyaluronic acid. Even if you aren’t—and although it’s very rare—you might be allergic to a certain ingredient that our product contains. But oftentimes, it is confusing to tell whether the tightness of the skin is from dryness or from the elasticity. If it feels tight right after usage and moist the day after, then it’s not because of dryness .  If it’s due to dryness, your face should be flakey, which is usually not the case with our mask. When you get a “Hyaluronic acid injection” from a dermatological clinic, your face supposedly feels very tight for about a week. Its main ingredient, hyaluronic acid, takes time to settle inside the skin and absorb the moisture around it. Since the hyaluronic acid we use is not as highly concentrated, it might not take a week, but it will still take some time. Of course, there are those who show instantaneous effects without any traction.


  1. When I put on the Empowering mask, some parts overlap and other parts have gaps. Would this matter, or is it okay as long as the protruding parts touch?

When putting on the Empowering mask, the current will still run even if there are overlapping parts. However, the active ingredients of the enriching mask will penetrate through the skin if there is a close contact with it, so if there is a gap, it will not affect that area. It is better to spread it out evenly on the skin and stick it well.


  1. I have seborrheic dermatitis, so my skin’s really sensitive and weak. Can I use it often?

It can still be used on a skin with seborrheic dermatitis. However, you might want to first go to see a doctor to get a prescription for steroids. Steroids are not always good for your body, but if you leave seborrheic dermatitis for long, it will be harder to improve later when secondary damage such as pigmentation occurs. Also, you’re not applying steroid all over the body—it doesn’t cause much trouble to apply just a little bit on the face, so please follow your doctor’s prescription. If you leave it because of steroids, a greater trouble might be caused on your skin.


  1. On the entire list of Franz pack ingredients, PEG is listed as the 4th most contained ingredient. Since PEG is one of the 20 harmful ingredients, I’m worried about it.

It’s not that PEG/PPG itself is harmful; it’s the 1,4-dioxane, a by-product generated during the process of synthesizing PEG (called ethoxylation) that is bad for the skin. Our products contain PEG/PPG from the Dow Chemical which is one of the most famous chemical companies. The products made by the Dow Chemical have already passed the strict standards of the USA FDA.

DOW Chemical does not routinely analyze for additional materials that are not listed in the MSDS or Sales Specification. However, representative samples of UCON™ Fluids were tested for 1,4-dioxane and none was found to the limit of detection of the method, which was 0.1 ppm. Further samples of representative UCON® Fluids were tested for ethylene oxide and propylene oxide. None was detected above the detection limits of 0.1 ppm and 0.5 ppm respectively.

Dow Chemical was already concerned for such by-products and tested for the 1,4-dioxane, but it contained less than what each machine could detect. In other words, it cannot be detected by the machine.


  1. If I have the pack on while blow-drying my hair, would the duration change?

If you use the hair dryer with the mask on, you will notice it drying faster than usual. If it feels dry, then you can remove it before the 25 minutes are up. I sometimes experience the mask drying up within 20 minutes, but other times lasting more than 25. So you can adjust the time as needed.


  1. I had a full-face filler injection. Is it safe to use?

It is entirely safe. The current running in the pack is so weak you could barely feel it.


  1. What is the expiry date for Franz mask? I don’t know if I should buy a lot at once or a few at a time.

The expiry date for Franz mask is two years. Once you open the Enriching mask, please use it right away. You can store it in room temperature with no direct sunlight, or in the fridge.


34. I should dispose it after one use, right?

Yes, Franz mask is disposable.