[STEP 01]

Enriching Mask

Please take the Enriching Mask out of the pouch. Then apply the mask, spreading evenly onto your face contours.


[STEP 02]

Elixir and Empowering Mask

Prepare the Elixir and take the Empowering Mask out of the pouch. Then, drop the Elixir on the flat side of white small boxes (IGMBs). 3-4 drops on both sides will be enough.


[STEP 03]

Empowering Mask

Overlay the activated Empowering Mask on the Enriching Mask.

(Make sure protruding IGMB cases face outward!!)



Relax for 20~25 minutes.



Remove masks and then tap lightly with your fingers to absorb the remaining essence. Then, apply your own moisturizers.

(Do not Wash off your face!)