Q. How much amount of Elixir should I use for 1 time usage?

A. Put 3-4 drops  of Elixir on the whole flat side of IGMB (approx. 0.8 inch white small box). 


Q. Which side of the Empowering mask should face outward?

A. The side having protruding IGMB case should face outward.


Q. Is it okay to drop Elixir from front side of IGMB (not flipping the mask upside down)?

A. Not recommend. You will get the best effect when you follow the instruction.

Q. Is it OK to drop Elixir on the rest of Empowering Mask except IGMB?

A. Not recommend. Use Elixir only for IGMBs as Elixir is a solution specially formulated to activate IGMB to generate optimal micro-current for skincare. Furthermore, you may lack of Elixir for next uses.

Q. May I apply Elixir on the skin?

A. Not recommend. Although elixir is harmless for human body and contains some active ingredients. Elixir is optimized for IGMB.

Q. Where can I get FRANZ mask in Seoul?

A. You can get Franz Mask at Maskrecipe, an off-line K-beauty select shop at Garosu-gil ( 24, Apgujeong-ro 14-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea).


Q. What if run out Elixir liquid?

A. If you follow the instruction, chance is very low that you run out of Elixir. In case you need more Elixir, you can order extra Elixir.